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Kamikaze Collection UK Certified T&C's & Information


Ensuring you have the necessary help to grow your presence as an official Kamikaze Collection Dealer is crucial. We offer support from fully trained professionals via our dedicated customer support line and all product application info is hosted on our detailing blog page. We want to offer the Kamikaze Collection Detailer Network the best possible experience we can offer, and we believe that working together to promote the Kamikaze Collection and each Detailer's brand will see a continued rise for all within the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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Accreditation is given to an individual detailer or to a company which has multiple detailers and is tied to the studio/area of the original application. All detailers employed and working for the company are certified to use the accredited only products at the premises authorised. In all circumstances the accreditation is with the company owner, regardless if there are the detailer, trainee or persons the invoice/application was originally made out to.

When a company is sold to a new external partner, that has not previously worked for them, then the accreditation is forfeit and must be re-applied for. The new accreditation is not guaranteed as this is viewed as a new company and would require the normal checks.

If the sale is internal, to a previous employee, then the accreditation remains, if there is a company name change then the certificate will need to be reissued. There is no additional charge for this transfer, but Kamikaze Collection UK must be informed otherwise the account may go into review for inactivity if contact details have not been updated.

Maintaining accreditation is not guaranteed when moving premises. Original applications are granted on a basis of area and population density, moving units may bring you too close to another accredited company operating in that area. If a move takes place the following may occur 1. Accreditation remains with all benefits 2. Kamikaze Collection UK will decide to remove the accreditation completely as it is seen to be a breach of the area/population capture area. 3. Accreditation may be kept by the company and use of sealants and branding still authorised, but the company will be removed from the map and not featured on social platforms. We advise that you check with us first before any move is complete and a verdict can be reached.

Trade Account

15% trade discount applies to all orders over £100 (excluding delivery) and is applied automatically in the basket when logged in. Free Next Day Upgrade (subject to area) is available using code UFTRADE24, simply enter this into the basket before checkout, if placing an order over the phone please remember to ask for this option as it will not automatically be applied and orders may not be dispatched the same day.

Official UK & Republic of Ireland Kamikaze Certified Dealer Map

The Official UK & Republic of Ireland Kamikaze Certified Dealer Map can be found here, detailers will be added to this upon accreditation, please check all information is correct and if anything needs updating please email sales@theultimatefinish.co.uk.

Products & Use

Professional Sealants are to be used by the authorised company only and not to be sold or supplied to 3rd parties. Those found to be in breach of this will instantly have their certification removed. We advise that all Kamikaze Collection sealants are applied indoors in controlled conditions to optimise application and performance, we do recognise that this may not always be possible, however, when a sealant is applied or left to cure outside, Ultimate Finish and Kamikaze Collection cannot be held responsible if the coating prematurely fails or any issues arise during application.

Certified Detailers must actively be using the Kamikaze Collection range, we review all accounts every 6 months for purchases. There is currently no minimum spend that other certifications may come with, but the detailer must be seen to actively promote the products & brand. If a detailer has not purchased any or few products within a 6-month period we will contact them to understand the current situation and assist in any way possible to increase usage. The account will then be put under review for a further 6 months, if no progress has been made then Ultimate Finish reserve the right to remove the accreditation and offer the area to an alternative operator. Upon the removal of accreditation access to the shared information, professional sealants, placeholder on the map will be removed and the account will be migrated to our normal trade account. We may also request that all promotion of the brand is removed from the website. Failure to do so may result in the breach of these terms and conditions and further copyright and trademark laws.

Kamikaze Collection do not offer any official guarantees on their products. This is due to the numerous variations of weather, aftercare and applications that make it impossible to state how long a sealant will last on an individual car. Ultimate Finish has offered a guide to real-world longevity on each product page and can be used to make comparisons to products within the Kamikaze Collection range only. These should not be compared to other branded sealants that may offer extreme or lifetime warranties which are impossible to adhere to without continuous re-coating.

The individual detailer can offer at their discretion their own warranties. Kamikaze Collection offer a full range of aftercare products to maintain sealant performance; all of which can be found here.

Ultimate Finish will support an accredited detailer in any way possible if a product has clearly failed much earlier than expected. If it concludes the product was at fault Kamikaze Collection UK will issue a direct replacement and will not be held responsible for any other costs associated with re-application. Ultimate Finish will only correspond with the accredited detailer/company and cannot offer any customer direct advice if they believe their sealant has failed. We may offer aftercare advise or product specific advice but the decision to re-coat a vehicle lies with the accredited detailer/company.

Social Media & Marketing

Certified Detailers must follow all Kamikaze Collection UK social platforms including but not limited to Facebook & Instagram. Invites will be sent upon acceptance and will be reviewed biannually. We encourage those who have completed work using Kamikaze Collection products to share with these accounts, we will assist where needed to keep interaction between Kamikaze Collection UK and all those accredited high.

A Certified Detailer's website or social accounts must have links back to the Kamikaze Collection UK page through either, or a combination of, text links, imagery or embedded banners. Kamikaze Collection stock imagery or banners which will be shared upon accreditation, you can also request access by emailing sales@theultimatefinish.co.uk. All use of the Kamikaze logo and branding is subject to any copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws.

Newsletters & Blogs

Ultimate Finish will issue quarterly Kamikaze UK newsletters which will feature the latest products and information. Any information within these newsletters is correct at the time of publishing but is always subject to change as Kamikaze Collection believe that best can always be made better. We therefore offer a blog which contains the current and most up to date information on all the sealants, this can be found here, or you are welcome to contact us if you require further assistance.