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POLISHANGEL Car Care Products

Manufactured in Germany, POLISHANGEL® is an innovative car care range offering a selection of protective finishing products which incorporate the latest in hybrid and colour-coding technologies which are easy to use and guaranteed to produce stunning results with minimal effort. The Carnauba Arts range combines colour-coded carnauba flake to produce deep, vibrant gloss. The Carnaubaflockencreme range is also colour-coded and, being a hybrid of ceramic elements with carnauba flake, produces a wet-look shine with added longevity. Non-colour specific sealants are also available, including the durable Viking Shield, designed to withstand the testing winter conditions found in Scandinavia, and Glasscoat Cosmic for the ultimate in colour-enhancing protection.

The secret to the popularity of POLISHANGEL is ease of use – the crème formulations of the wax sealants make them effortless to apply and even easier to buff to a high shine. Completing the range is a selection of wash products, along with trim, wheel and glass cleaners and sealants and all the other items required to keep your vehicle in showroom condition.