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Auto Finesse Gloss Tyre Dressing (500ml)

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Glossy Tyre Dressing.

Auto Finesse Gloss Tyre Dressing was created to give your car tyres the appearance of being soaking wet, providing a durable and lustrous shine appropriate for any setting.

Our ultra-modern, silicone-based tyre dressing was created to provide a rich, pouring wet impression with the utmost ease. Either use a tyre dressing applicator (for more precise application) or just simply "spray on and walk away". However you choose to apply this product, Auto Finesse Gloss Tyre Dressing will also provide a long-lasting layer of weather protection, assisting in avoiding dirt impregnation, early browning, and UV fading.

Gloss Tyre Dressing installs the ultimate show car look and gives a wonderful finishing touch to any vehicle by low slinging and high shearing with a specially created ultra-high-shine compound.

Features & Benefits:

  • Tyre cleaner & protectant in one
  • Quick drying formula - helps prevent 'sling'
  • Does not degrade tyres or turn them brown
  • Best results: apply in thin layers & allow to dry thoroughly before driving
  • Can also be used on plastic coverings & hoses in the engine bay

Size: 500ml


Auto Finesse Gloss Tyre Dressing (MSDS)

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