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Auto Finesse Pro Medium Polishing Compound No.23 (1 Litre)

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Auto Finesse Medium Polishing Compound (1 Litre)
Auto Finesse Pro Medium Polishing Compound
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Professional Series No.23 Medium Polishing Compound

Auto Finesse No. 23 Medium Polishing Compound offers an extended range of cut that is simply not possible with conventional polishing products. It is capable of eliminating the most typical paint defects found in professional detailing, such as medium scratches, light to medium swirl marks, heavy oxidation, and holograms from heavy cutting processes.

No.23 Medium Polish uses cutting-edge decreasing abrasives that completely break down to create a higher clarity and level of gloss than is typical at this step, making following finishing operations simpler and more efficient than before.

This medium polishing compound is perfect for quickly reworking and reconditioning any medium to severely aged gloss paint type, and it can be used as the first or second stage in a multi-stage rectification process.

Thorough testing by more than 25 globally renowned expert detailers and 3 years of development, no point rushing perfection! The result of this incredible teamwork is not simply a sophisticated selection of specific polishing compounds but also a cutting-edge system for car restoration, polishing, and finishing.

Each of the Auto Finesse PRO Compounds is excellent for standalone use, but they are also made to seamlessly integrate with the following cutting or finishing step. Because of this, any multi-stage correction may be finished swiftly and effectively, producing outcomes that meet the highest standards of professionalism. To ensure that our innovative compound formulae outperform any other paint repair solution on the market, no money has been spared.

Size: 1 Litre

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Mike S
five stars 04 Jan 2024

Top Stuff

Reviewed all 3 and would recommend the 3 stages if you are looking to get into detailing and achieve a glossy finish on your pride and joy.

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