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Auto Finesse Plush Wash Pad

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Auto Finesse Plush Wash Pad
Auto Finesse Plush Wash Pad
Auto Finesse Plush Wash Pad
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Professional Car Plush Wash Pad

The all-new Auto Finesse Plush Wash Pad is the perfect contact wash partner, designed particularly to safely deep-clean sensitive paintwork, vinyl, and trim on even the most pampered jobs.

Auto Finesse Plush Wash Pad, made of ultra-soft, extra-deep microfibre weave and featuring a special ultra-absorbent core for soaking up the maximum volume of car shampoo; provides a professional solution to reduce the risk of dragging grit, grime, and other contamination across your vehicle during the contact wash stage.

Using the right professional-grade wash media during routine maintenance, major details, and any other time you wash your car is a fundamental safety practice that is critical in ensuring a safe, swirl-free car wash. Whether you have a daily driver, a full-on show car, or anything in between, conducting wet work safely is essential for achieving the greatest swirl-free result.

Features & Benefits:

  • New larger size
  • Highly absorbent for longer working time & less dunking
  • Glides over wet surfaces with minimal drag
  • Reduces the chance of swirl infliction
  • Blend of microfibre materials
  • Machine Washable
  • Tumbler dry on low setting

The extra-large Plush Wash Pad was created in-house at Auto Finesse to deliver the greatest professional results at home. This premium car wash attachment has a large surface area and uses fluffy microfibre strands of varied lengths to not only glide smoothly across your car's exterior, but also lift, release, and lock away any dangerous particles along the way. This innovative plush microfibre material aggressively picks up grit and grime, keeping it off your paintwork and deep inside the pad until you rinse and wring it in a clean water bucket before the next pass. The most effective approach to avoid scratches and swirls while washing your car.

Size: Single Pad

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