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Auto Finesse Ultra Plush Wheel Mitt

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Auto Finesse Ultra Plush Wheel Mitt
Auto Finesse Ultra Plush Wheel Mitt
Auto Finesse Ultra Plush Wheel Mitt
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Safe Tight Microfibre Wheel Mitts

Sometimes even the softest wheel brush can be a little too abrasive for your alloy wheels, leaving behind slight swirls or scratches which overtime can add up to a dull finish. We use a microfibre wash mitt on our car's paintwork to reduce these swirls, so why not use one on those precious alloys?

With the smaller Ultra Plush Wheel Mitt from Auto Finesse you can now get to all those hard-to-reach areas such as spokes and recessed dirt traps to gently agitate the brake dust with your favourite wheel cleaner and a super soft microfibre. Safe to use on all lacquer, polished and powder coated wheels the fluffy microfibre constructions helps lift away the dirt and trap it in the fibres until it is rinsed off in your wheel bucket.

The precise engineered split pile microfibre ensures maximum contact and powerful cleaning on all grit, grim and brake dust, it is the best way to manage and prevent scratching, swirling and marring during the wash stage.

Included inside the Ultra Plush Wheel Mitt are a few finder compartments for addition grip. We would recommend wearing gloves when using this product with a wheel cleaner as the detergent does get absorbed by the microfibre. With the additional grip even with gloves you have full control and an easy cuff-less opening for quick use.

As your car wheels are often the dirtiest part of the vehicle they will have the most concentrated contamination. To increase the longevity of your Ultra Plush Wheel Mitt we would recommend cleaning it after each use; and also applying a small amount of normal car shampoo to the microfibre before use to help stop grease and grime sticking to the fibres. Never use the mitt on other areas of the car if it has already been used on the alloys; the mitt may be useful on other areas such as exhaust and grills due to its size but ensure that a separate wash mitt is used for this type of application.


How To Wash:

  • Machine wash at 30° degrees
  • Do not use Fabric softener
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Hang to dry

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