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Auto Finesse Renew (500ml)

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Auto Finesse Renew (500ml)
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Specifically engineered for application by hand.

From Auto Finesse, Renew is an advanced polishing compound specifically engineered for application by hand restoring faded or lightly scratched paintwork to an as-new, clear and shiny finish. Specially designed to be used by hand, Renew is easy to use and delivers results quickly, without the need for longer machine polishing techniques or lots of specialist detailing know-how. Suitable for all paint types, Renew is a must for anyone looking to rejuvenate tired and lacklustre paintwork, cheaply and quickly.

Features & Benefits:

Specially developed diminishing abrasives for hand polishing.

  • Helps to revive faded car paintwork
  • Medium-fine compound for car detailing
  • Treats oxidation and light paint defects
  • Quick and easy to apply by hand
  • Delivers a refined, gloss finish

Directions for use:

  • Shake product well before use
  • Work the product into the targeted using back and forward motions with medium pressure, until residue turns clear
  • Wipe away the residue immediately

Sizes: 500ml

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