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Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Dashboard Detailer (500ml)

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Natural Finish Interior Quick Detailer

Spritz Interior Detailer is an easy to use quick detailer that removes dust from hard surfaces on the interior of your vehicle and leaves a natural satin sheen.

Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Detailer is the concluding factor in interior cleaning. Dashboards and trim, being exposed to prolonged UV radiation, are prone to cracking and fading over time. Therefore, incorporating a final finishing product such as Spritz becomes crucial. Formulated with special UV inhibitors, providing not only a polished and refreshed appearance to your trim but also essential protection. Whether you prefer the natural matte finish of Spritz or choose a deeper, rich finish of Dressle, these products play a vital role in safeguarding your components and preserving their longevity.


  • Suitable for interior plastics & hard surfaces.
  • Leaves a satin sheen.
  • Does not leave sticky residue.
  • Provides protection from UV fade.
  • Regular use keeps surfaces looking 'as new'.
  • Water-based formulation.
  • Contains UV diffusers.

How To Use

  • Spray on to soft foam applicator pad.
  • Wipe over surface.
  • Buff with soft clean microfibre towel.

Sizes: 500ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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