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Autoglym Microfibre Wash Mitt

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Dense Red Microfibre Wash Mitt

Autoglym introduced their red car microfibre wash mitt with its ultra-plush microfibre noodles. Using a car wash mitt allows you to lift the dirt and grime from the paintwork with ease, whilst not introducing any more swirls. The high density microfibre noodles create maximum levels of suds from your car shampoo, which lets you glide over your car's paintwork with ease.

With a mesh insert to remove stubborn deposits, Autoglym have created a car wash mitt that not only gives you all the cleaning power of regular microfiber; but will now help shift bug remains and bird droppings from all the car, including the windscreen, wheels, headlights and plastic bumpers.

If that isn't enough already, the Autoglym car wash mitt has an added elasticated cuff to prevent it from slipping off your hand during use.


  • Dense noodle microfibres for extra suds
  • Elasticated cuff for no slip fit
  • Plush microfibre material for safe washing
  • Mesh Insert for Bug and Bird Dropping Removal

Size: Single Pack

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