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Autoglym Soft Top Clean & Protect Kit

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Autoglym Soft Top Clean & Protect Kit
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The complete kit for cleaning & protecting a soft-top car roof.

It's an area of car care that can quickly unravel into a big job if left unattended for too long, but regularly cleaning your car's soft-top roof will help to keep green algae at bay; along with the roof's original, vibrant looking colour. Autoglym's Convertible Soft Top Clean & Protect Complete Kit contains all the specialist products and tools required to clean and protect your mohair, double duck, fabric, or canvas fabric hood. If you have a vinyl hood, clean thoroughly with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, then protect with Bumper & Trim Gel.

Wash the supplied sponges as required in clean, warm water and allow to air dry.

Features & Benefits:

  • Complete kit for cleaning & protecting a car's soft-top roof
  • Suitable for use on mohair, double duck, fabric, or canvas
  • Cleans stubborn algae, grime & dirt
  • Maintain the original look of your soft-top hood
  • Makes keeping the hood cleaner a lot easier

Soft Top Cleaner Directions for use:

  • Do not work in direct sunlight
  • Dampen the roof with water
  • Shake Soft Top Cleaner well
  • Mix 250ml of Soft Top Cleaner solution with 500ml of water in a bucket
  • Test on an inconspicuous area for colour-fastness
  • Saturate the white cleaning sponge provided in the diluted product
  • Begin by focusing on the heavier stains or green algae
  • Continue to saturate the sponge and spread cleaner onto the fabric hood for even coverage, using the full contents of your bucket
  • Once covered evenly, work the chemical into the hood
  • For especially dirty hoods, cover with a plastic sheet and allow the cleaner to continue working overnight
  • Wipe any product runs from the glass and paintwork with a damp microfibre cloth
  • Rinse off the Soft Top Cleaner using a low-pressure hose until all is removed from the hood
  • Please note: Do not use a pressure washer to remove the cleaner
  • Ensure all remains of the cleaner are thoroughly removed before using the Soft Top Protector
  • If any cleaner is left behind on the surface, it will affect the performance of the Soft Top Protector
  • Finally, dry the vehicle leaving the soft top damp

Soft Top Protector Directions for use

  • Only begin this process once the above steps have been followed
  • Rinse the blue Soft Top Protector applicator under a tap for a few seconds before squeezing until damp - this will activate the applicator
  • Working out of direct sunlight, pour the Soft Top Protector onto the applicator and apply systematically to the hood to ensure even coverage, using approximately half of the bottle contents
  • Ensure the roof is evenly coated.
  • Remove any overspray from paintwork and glass immediately
  • Allow the protector to fully dry before driving the vehicle
  • Store the product at room temperature and do not allow to freeze

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