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AVA of Norway Premium Foam Cannon Kit (5 Piece)

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Everything You Will Ever Need From A Snow Foam Cannon

Well suited for beginners & experienced users alike, the AVA Premium Foam Cannon Kit is a high quality accessory, with function & quality being the focus during development, together with feedback from AVA customers.

The Premium Foam Cannon's spreading angle & quantity are easy to adjust, providing good control. Soap quantity can be adjusted from 0 to approximately 7% (depending on the type of detergent) & it features 9 steps, so you can easily switch between different mixing ratios. You can use concentrate or mix the soap in the bottle. The spread angle allows for a narrow beam up to 12 metres in length, which is perfect for applying detergent to roofs & walls.

This quality foam cannon is easy to maintain. The foam filter is made of acid-resistant steel & a brass nozzle provides a long service life. The suction hose is a made from high-quality silicone which remains soft & flexible over a long period of time.

Included within the Premium Foam Cannon Kit are 3 colour coded containers (transparent, magenta & pine green). These will enable you to quickly switch between application of different product types without having to stop working. The containers all feature both measurement & mixing scales to help ensure you achieve an accurate dosage. The inclusive containers will come with 2 lids, cleverly designed by AVA to enable the containers to be stacked.

In addition to the 3 inclusive containers, the Premium Foam Cannon is also compatible with most other brands of detergent bottle that feature the standard threaded connection the same size as that on a 500ml soft drink bottle.

The cannon comes with the normal AVA attachments for all AVA pressure washers and also Karcher K Series Pressure washers.


  • Includes 3 x 1L containers, colour coded to prevent cross contamination (transparent, magenta & pine green).
  • Foam cannon features adjustable spraying angle & soap quantity for optimal application.
  • Brass nozzle, acid-resistant steel filter & high-quality silicon suction hose help provide long service.
  • Includes 2 lids to enable the stacking of the 3 containers.
  • Karcher K Series compatible.

Sizes: 5 Piece Karcher Compatible


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