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BigBoi BlowR 9m Hose Mini, Mini+ & Pro

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BigBoi BlowR 9m Hose
Price: £69.00
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Increase Your Reach.

The BigBoi 9 metre commercial grade hose is perfect for drying tall or wide vehicles where extra reach is useful. Constructed from high-quality, durable plastic, this lime-coloured hose fits quickly and easily to the BlowR Mini, Mini+ & Pro.

Sizes: 9m

Customer Reviews

five stars 30 Apr 2021

9 meter hose should come as standard with the pro

Bought this after reading several reviews but one in particular got me a little concerned that you gain a good hose but by sacrificing the heat but I thought the blowing power is more important than heat but to my honest surprise you loose nothing I’m using the bigboi pro and it is now the ultimate dryer with the longer hose to be honest with the price of the pro this hose should come as standard so a mark down in points. But If your looking for a longer hose then go for it.

Steve C
five stars 23 Jun 2020

9m hose.

I’d used the BigBoi Pro for several months but always felt a little restricted with the hose that came with it. Having purchased the 9m hose it’s made so much positive difference. I can now easily reach all areas of the car without having to constantly move the BigBoi unit. There’s no loss of pressure or heat with the bigger hose. Overall, the 9m hose is a pleasure to use. Highly recommended.

three stars 24 Oct 2018

Can be an issue..

This hose extension is probably an essential for the BigBoi Mini bearing in mind the supplied power cable is very short. I was initially concerned that the extension would significantly reduce the air output. This isn't the case. Instead, what I have found is that it reduces (as can be expected) the temperature of the expelled air and therefore reduces the evaporating ability and hence the overall effectiveness of the unit.

five stars 28 Jul 2018

Super Services

I am extremely satisfied with your services, fast international shipping and quality packaging. Thank you!

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