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BigBoi D-IonizR Set 2 Water Filter System (3 Stage)

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BigBoi D-IonizR Set 2 Water Filter System
BigBoi D-IonizR Set 2
BigBoi D-IonizR Set 2
BigBoi D-IonizR Set 2
BigBoi D-IonizR Set 2
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The BigBoi D-IONIZR Set 2 has a 3-stage filter set up. The first filter is a composite carbon filter which is designed to remove the hardness levels of your water. This also adds an extreme benefit to the BigBoi D-IONIZR filter as the water flowing through it will be much cleaner and prolonging the life span of your cartridges. We have seen a 20% increase of your DI cartridge with this set up.

The 2nd & 3rd filters are deionized resin that will filter the water to 0PPM (parts per million). With a built-in digital TDS metre that will read the incoming and outgoing levels, giving the user all the information needed. The newly developed bypass valve allows the user to simply choose if they want to use the filter system for the complete wash cycle or just during the final rinse cycle to prolong the cartridges' life span. Bigboi has seen benefits to use the system during a complete wash cycle by seeing better foaming in the snow foam and wash process with deionized water. This is not necessary but, can be adopted if desired.


1 standard de-ionize cartridge will approximately filter 1200 litres on its own. This is based on your water hardness level to be 100TDS or lower. When working in line with our carbon filter it will achieve 20% (1440 litres) more efficiency subject to your water levels. Based on using the system just during a rinse cycle you will be able to use it between 160-192 washes.

Kit Includes

  • Top mount tank housing
  • Built-in bypass system
  • Built-in TDS Digital reader (In/Out reading)
  • 1 x 20 inch Composite carbon filter
  • 2 x 20 inch Deionized filter
  • Tank wrench for tank installation
  • Thread tape
  • Water in-out fitting
  • Spare tank O-Rings
  • O-Ring lubrication
  • Valve oil.
  • BigBoi front tank sticker

Note: Trolley Not Included.

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