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BigBoi WashR Flo Short Trigger Gun

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BigBoi WashR Short Trigger Gun
Price: £69.00
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Stubby gun accessory for the BigBoi WashR Flo car pressure washer.

While the standard wand you get with most pressure washers is great for general car cleaning, the 'stubby gun' or Short Trigger Gun from BigBoi has become a real must-have item for detailing enthusiasts and professionals. Fully connectable to your pressure washer and featuring an M22/QC fitment at the nozzle end, BigBoi's Short Trigger gun sits in the hand comfortably and makes certain detailing jobs, such as cleaning in and around wheels or wheel arches all the more comfortable and effective.

The Short Trigger works with the existing BigBoi WashR Flo lime green hose and will also accept the quick connect spray nozzles and accessories. The quick connect feature also allows you to easily release attachments using only one hand for ease of use.

Along with the BigBoi WashR, 4 included spray nozzles you will have a stubby trigger gun & nozzle kit.

Features & Benefits:

  • Short Trigger Gun (stubby gun) for BigBoi WashR Flo Pressure Washer
  • Replace or upgrade your existing WashR Flo wand
  • M22 connection at the nozzle end
  • Comfortable & powerful cleaning power
  • Easy accessory connect - operate with one hand

Customer Reviews

Barry Allan
five stars 31 Mar 2023


I bought this stubby trigger gun in order to make spraying snow foam and rinsing the car easier than using using the lance. Coating the roof of the car with snow foam or rinsing dirt from the wheel arches is much easier. The trigger gun is well made but pricey compared to a similar gun I saw on Amazon ( £30 for a gun and a set of nozzles ). Whether the cheaper product is as well made I can’t tell. Pays your money and takes your chances! I am glad I bought this stubby trigger gun. Anything that makes washing a car easier is fine by me.

H Williams
five stars 22 Mar 2023

Would recommend

Purchased this along with my Big Boi pressure washer to switch with the long lance which came with the washer. Good quality piece of kit, easily interchangeable with the Big Boi hose unit. Would recommend. Ultimate Finish delivery was quick and hassle free transaction.

Pavel Z
five stars 12 Dec 2022

Great product

Great product.

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