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BigBoi XtractR Mini Upholstery & Carpet Extractor

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BigBoi XtractR Mini Upholstery & Carpet Extractor
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Upholstery & Carpet Spot Cleaner

If a large industrial extraction machine is just too big or too much for your needs, introducing the BigBoi XtractR Mini; an ultra-compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner for car upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Car interiors can get just as dirty as the outside of the car; grit, sand, mud, spilt liquids, all make their way into your car at some point. A standard vacuum cleaner may indeed lift much of the surface dirt off but to tackle the dirt deep down you require an extraction machine. The interior carpet cleaner you may use can break down the dirt and make it easier to remove but wiping just a brush or microfibre over the surface doesn't lift it out of the pile. The BigBoi XtractR Mini is compact and light enough to store away at home without taking up much room and is the perfect tool for those spot cleans or a yearly deep clean of the cars interior.

Not only is the XtractR Mini good for your car seats, carpets, and mats but can also be used around the home for those untimely drink spills or muddy feet on the carpet. Spray your favourite fabric cleaner onto the surface, allow to dwell or agitate as per the instructions and then use the XtractR Mini along with its powerful 500w motor with 16KPA of suction power to lift away the water and cleaner.


  • 1.8 meter suction hose
  • 10cm brushed nozzle
  • 1.3L Tank
  • 5m Power Cord
  • Easy On/Off Dial
  • Carry Handle
  • Cable Management System
  • Trigger Sprayer

Technical Information

  • 500 watt motor
  • 16KPA suction power
  • Less than 70db
  • 230v
  • 50Hz
  • UK Type G Plug

Equipped with a UK 3-PIN plug suitable for 220-240v, please only order if your country supports this supply.

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