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Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Soft (200g)

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Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay Soft (200g)
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Clay Bar For The Frequent User

BEST BUY in Auto Express magazine.

Auto-Clay is a revolutionary clay made here in the UK. Auto-Clay provides a method of removing harmful contamination from vehicle paint finishes, improving its durability and increasing the gloss level of subsequent waxes.

All paint finishes are subject to contamination from a variety of chemical, industrial and environmental pollutions, such as tree sap, bird droppings, salt, acid rain and metal flake particles. Even volcanic ash fallout! These pollutants cannot be removed by washing and polishing, they require a clay bar specifically designed to lift these particles away from the paintwork. If left untreated these contaminants bond with the paintwork and can cause harm as well as being unsightly. In addition, any vehicle being prepared for layers of wax or sealant should be clayed completely prior to wax application. This removes the contaminants and provides a clean, smooth surface for the wax to adhere effectively.

Bilt-Hamber clay bars use ordinary tap water as a lubricating agent, rather than a quick detailer and contains no surfactants, such as powdered detergents or soaps, and is therefore extremely kind to your paintwork.

Auto-clay Soft is formulated to compliment the original Bilt Hamber clay bar. This softer, easier to mould formulation makes claying intricate areas of modern panel folds much easier. Folding the bar to reveal clean clay is easier too, speeding up the whole process. The soft bar allows regular detailer's to maintain silky smooth paintwork with the minimum of effort and fuss.

Features & Benefits:

  • Removes potentially harmful bonded contaminants
  • Prepares paintwork for polishing & wax layers
  • Uses tap water as a lubricant
  • Does not contain detergents or soaps
  • Large Size - 7cm x 2.6cm x 7cm
  • Provided with plastic protective case

How To Use:

Firstly, wash your car thoroughly using a non-abrasive shampoo such as Auto-Wash.

Spray water on to a small area of the paintwork and with a very light, fingertip pressure rub the bar back and forth. Ensure you keep the area well lubricated with the water so the clay bar glides across the surface. It is important not to use the clay bar on an un-lubricated surface.

At first you will be able to hear the particles being pulled away from the paint and you will feel the resistance of the contaminents. However this will rapidly disappear and the bar will glide smoothly over the surface. The clay bar will have turned a dirty red / brown colour as a result of absorbing the contaminents. When this happens rub your fingers over the surface. It should feel as smooth as glass to the touch. If not repeat the procedure until all the contamination is removed. Finally wipe the surface area over with a soft terrycloth or microfibre.

As the clay bar becomes soiled fold it over to keep the particles away from the paintwork. If the clay bar is dropped on the floor it should be thrown away as it dirt from the ground will adhere to it.

The clay bar will be sufficient to treat the paintwork 4 or 5 times. If you prefer divide the clay bar into pieces before starting work with it. Then if you do drop it you haven’t ruined the whole bar!

Size: 200g


Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Guide

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

Gordon F
five stars 17 Apr 2023

Easy to use

Easy to use and a great amount for the price

Richard Bowen
five stars 15 Sep 2019

Tested on 3 cars, Great Product!

Like my other reviews, you may know I did a lot of research! BH products, in general, came out on top in a lot of forums and is used by a lot of the YouTube guys. I have tried both the regular (for a really bad car) and the medium (for a better-maintained car). Even after several washed and chemical de contamination this Clay Bar still found lots of contamination in the paint which would have been machine polished in the paint. I cannot recommend this product and clay bars in general enough, please combine with a specific clay lube (not a Quick Detailer) and spend a bit fo time on the technique. I did not get any visible marring on the paint afterwards but it's always a good idea to do a machine polish then seal/wax/coat the paint for a complete job!

two stars 03 Jul 2017

Is it just me??

I just can't see how this clay gets so many great reviews. I've tried this several times as per the instructions and I've watched YouTube how to's but each time I've had quite bad marring on the paint. It seems to dull the clearcoat also which I am able to compound out but I don't think it should do this. The clay seems to just break up in my hands and is horrible to use. I really hope I've just got a bad batch as I also purchased the medium bilt hamber but am afraid to use it until my other clay has been used up. Very disappointed with this.

five stars 22 Jun 2015

Second purchase

This was my second purchase of this clay after losing my original in a house move. I've also got some of the Meguiar's clay which I've used on family cars but this always stays for my cars. So easy to use and work with and always produces great results

five stars 01 May 2015

Easy to use! Stunning results

Never used a clay bar before but after watching videos and reading reviews on this Bilt-Hamber clay I thought I'd try. Pre washed and then washed the car and rinsed it down. Only used a quarter of the whole clay bar and used water to lubricate the clay and surface of the car. The result was fantastic, with the car gleaming after use. Made short work of grime and bugs on the car with no real pressure needed. Can be used on glass as well with no issues. After waxing the car is sparkling and the wife keeps commenting how smooth and slippery the car surface feels. Well worth the money, TBH don't worry about using this product, it's top stuff!

Bob Turner
five stars 26 Nov 2014

Great results!

This clay is the best I've used so far, it leaves a silky smooth finish to the paint, its like glass. The fact it can be used with water is great too, means you can save the quick detailer for times when you want to give the car a quick once over. Really pleased with the results, recommended product!

five stars 22 Mar 2014

Great stuff does the job perfect. 200 g for only 12.95.

A L Jones
five stars 01 Sep 2011

Great Finish

This is the first time I've used a clay product. It is so easy to use and gives fantastic results. It takes quite a long time to do it properly and make sure the bodywork is completely clean of contaminants, but it's worth the effort. I used Bilt Hamber Autobalm wax to finish and it looks like a mirror. Can't fault it.

Simon Clements
four stars 25 Feb 2010

Soft Clay

Good product, I loved the way it can be used with water rather than other manufacturers who sell you their detailing spray. My only complaint is that the clay was very affected by the cold weather we're having at the moment and went hard very easily. But that really shouldn't put you off, just pick some nice weather for it.

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