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Bilt Hamber Dynax S50 (750ml)

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Bilt Hamber Dynax S50 (750ml)
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High Performance Anti-Corrosion Protection.

Vehicles are particularly exposed to a variety of corrosive elements especially during the winter months where salt, rain and freezing temperatures combine to attack metalwork. The underside of sills and wheel arches are particularly susceptible.

Dynax S50 is a high-performance anti-corrosion wax that provides exceptionally long-lasting protection to steel surfaces. It actively creeps into welded seams and seals surface defects. Dynax S50 forms a soft, brown, wax-like film that self-heals if it is punctured or cut. It also stops existing corrosion and provides long-term protection to both pre-corroded and corrosion-free surfaces.

Features & Benefits:

  • Long-term protection for cavities, voids, chassis, doors, mud traps, etc
  • Resistant to changing conditions found in cavities
  • Self-healing properties mean it will swell to protect even if film is cut
  • Clings to vertical surfaces
  • Displaces moisture
  • Kills pre-existing corrosion
  • Deeply penetrates flanges & folded seams
  • Easy to use - atomises superbly
  • Low odour
  • See-through coating with brown tint
  • Provides lubrication
  • 60cm cavity injection lance

Dynax S50 has been proven to substantially outperform competitive material in salt-spray trials under conditions of ASTM B117. Comparison Test Results Dynax S50 vs Competitors

Size: 750ml


Bilt Hamber Dynax S50 Guide

Bilt Hamber Dynax S50 MSDS

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