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Bilt Hamber Ferrosol (500ml)

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Bilt Hamber Ferrosol (500ml)
Bilt Hamber Ferrosol
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High Quality Lubricant & Water Disperser.

Ferrosol is a high-quality lubricant designed to penetrate close tolerances, free rusted together parts, displace water, restore electrical circuits and provide corrosion protection. It works by the unique molecules contained within react with friction to bond electrochemically to metal surfaces providing an effective barrier to wear. Independent laboratory tests confirm Ferrosol's ability to massively outperform competing products.

The impressive anti-wear properties make Ferrosol ideal for use in drilling, tapping and reaming where its use will significantly prolong tool life.

Ferrosol proves invaluable in applications where its extreme pressure capabilities and low surface tension allow it to penetrate and lubricate otherwise difficult to reach moving parts. This property along with its corrosion prevention capabilities make it ideal for use on automotive moving parts.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ferrosol will continue to lubricate even when visible oil film has gone
  • Aerosol format Ferrosol - convenient application method
  • Straw applicator allows accurate application to target surfaces
  • Can also be applied by brush or by dipping items into product
  • Rapidly disperses water from contaminated surfaces
  • Provide excellent anti-corrosion properties
  • Can be easily removed by mild solvents at a later date if necessary
  • Can be used to clean gums, adhesive materials, wax & tar


  • Isolate electrical equipment or components before applying Ferrosol
  • For removing contaminants apply Ferrosol & leave for 10-20 seconds - remove gently with a soft cotton cloth
  • To lubricate apply Ferrosol liberally & allow to penetrate
  • To undo rusted & frozen components spray Ferrosol & allow to soak for a few minutes
  • Rusted nuts & bolts should have a tightening force applied before undoing this will "crack" the rusted interface
  • Always follow equipment manufacturers lubrication advice when lubricating equipment & machinery

Size: 500ml


Bilt Hamber Ferrosol Guide

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