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CarPro Dhydrate Drying Towel (70cm x 100cm)

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CarPro Dhydrate Drying Towel (70cm x 100cm)
CARPRO Dhydrate Drying Towel
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The CARPRO DHydrate Drying Towels are expertly crafted to effortlessly glide over the surface of your vehicle, effortlessly removing every last trace of water. This leaves your car looking flawless, gleaming, and ready to be admired.

Just place the towel flat on the surface and gently slide it across. CarPro DHydrate effortlessly glides over various surfaces, whether they are bare, waxed, sealed, or coated, resulting in a flawless finish and preventing any unsightly swirl marks. The colour of CARPRO DHydrate is light grey, which makes it perfect for highlighting any dirt particles and preventing swirls.


  • Extremely Absorbent
  • Microfiber Edge
  • Lint-free

Sizes: 70 x 100cm


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