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CarPro IronX Fallout Remover Cherry (500ml & 1L)

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CarPro IronX Fallout Remover Cherry (500ml & 1L)
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The formula of CarPro IronX is designed with precision to efficiently eliminate metallic contamination from the surfaces of vehicles. Its composition is pH-balanced at 7, ensuring the safe and efficient removal of contaminants from brakes, rails, and construction-related surfaces without causing any harm to delicate surfaces. Compatible with a wide range of surfaces, this versatile product can be used on paint, plastic, chrome, glass, and alloy wheels.

CarPRO IronX is highly effective at removing iron particles from surfaces, delivering a comprehensive cleaning that surpasses traditional washing or claying methods. The water-soluble complex formed with the iron particles enables effortless rinsing.

Introducing the latest formula, now with a less noticeable scent, an amazing cleaner that easily removes iron filings and contaminants. Bid farewell to stubborn dirt and grime, as this potent solution effortlessly handles even the most challenging messes. Discover the joy of having a perfectly clean surface with our exceptional cleaner.

Efficiently eliminates iron particles


  • pH-balanced for safe and efficient removal of brake, rail, and construction contaminants.
  • Compatible with paint, plastic, chrome, glass, and alloy wheels.
  • Effectively removes iron particles for thorough cleaning.
  • Forms a water-soluble complex with iron particles for easy rinse.
  • Reduced odour formula for a more pleasant experience.
  • Removes iron filings and contaminants with ease, ensuring a spotless surface.

How To Use

  • Wash the surface.
  • Shake well.
  • Spray on and wait 3-5 min, while contaminants change color to purple-red.
  • Rub in with damp soft wheel brush if required. Avoid drying in direct sunlight.
  • Rinse well with water.

Sizes: 500ml & 1 Litre (Select from drop down menu above)


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