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Cartec Essentials Easy Wax Polish (500ml)

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Makes dull car paintwork like new again

Cartec Essentials Easy Wax Polish is a product engineered to rejuvenate dull or faded car paintwork, before leaving behind an extremely deep and glossy finish.

A two in one product, Easy Wax Polish will clean and protect in one step and breathe life into the most faded of surfaces with ease. The ready to use product is simple to apply for enthusiasts or professionals looking for a speedy solution. Easy Wax Polish will also remove light scratches.

Designed especially for the true car lover, Cartec has selected the Essential products from the professional range to clean, wash and finish the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The products stand for high quality and are ready-to-use.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wax polish for cleaning & restoring faded or tired car paintwork
  • Quick & easy to use
  • Removes light scratches
  • Leaves a deep gloss finish
  • Suitable for application by hand

Directions for use:

  • Easy Wax Polish can be applied direct to the intended surface or onto a clean, dry microfibre/applicator pad
  • One panel at a time, work the product onto the surface in a circular motion
  • Allow the wax polish to dry onto the surface until misty
  • Buff the residue away to a deep gloss finish using a clean, dry microfibre cloth

Size: 500ml

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