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Extreme Leather Cleaner Colourless & Odourless (473ml)

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Extreme & Gentle Leather Cleaner

Chemical Guys Extreme Leather Cleaner Colourless & Odourless is both gentle on your leather but extremely good at removing dirt, grease, body oils, sweat, food residue and light leather stains. Safe to use on fine natural leather, durable sealed leather and synthetic leather materials like pleather or suede.

Restore your leathers natural look rather than having shiny greasing looking leather which results from the build up of grease and grime. Overtime this contamination soaks into the pores of leather and creates this gloss finish. Formulated to dive deep into the leathers pores to remove this build up Chemical Guys Extreme leather cleaner will tackle even the dirtiest job. The clear formula is non-caustic and contains no petroleum products that could dry out or stain the leather.


  • Preserves the leather strength, durability, appearance
  • Cleans away suspend dirt & oils
  • No leftover harsh residues
  • Zero staining
  • Makes leather feel like new

Don't get caught up in just applying leather conditions to preserve your leather. The most important thing you can do to maintain your leather seats, leather steering wheel, dashboard, or even home leather products is to keep them cleaner. Stopping contamination drying out leather or breaking down the natural fibres is to keep it clean. If you are confident the surface is free from contamination then applying a leather conditioner every few months will be beneficial.

Size: 473ml

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