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Chemical Guys HEX-LOGIC Finishing Pad Black (100mm, 135mm & 165mm)

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Soft Machine Polishing Pad for Flawless Finishing.

Waxes, glazes and sealants require a soft machine polishing pad with no cutting ability, to ensure the paint surface is burnished to a high shine. HEX-LOGIC Black Finishing Pad is made from ultra fine, soft foam and the laser-cut honeycomb pattern ensures products are spread evenly and thinly over the panel, to guarantee a perfect finish every time.

'HEX-LOGIC' refers to the hexagonal shapes precision laser cut into the surface of the pad face. The depth of the grooves forming the hexagonal patterns alters depending on the function of the pad, with cutting pads having deeper grooves. The deeper the groove, the more powerful the cutting action. Combined with durable Acu-Pore technology, HEX-LOGIC pads allow product and air to circulate through the pad to deliver the best results possible.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra-soft foam for high-gloss finishing
  • Firm enough to withstand additional pressure during finishing stage
  • Laser-cut grooves encourage product to spread through pad for even application
  • Pad surface remains lubricated reducing friction & marring
  • Ideal for use with waxes, glazes & sealants
  • 100% coverage on flat, curved & rounded surfaces
  • Recessed backing for safer machine polishing
  • Suitable for use with Rotary or DA machine polisher

Sizes: 100mm, 135mm & 165mm (Select from drop down menu above)

Customer Reviews

Richard Bowen
five stars 15 Sep 2019

Great Pad for Beginners and Experts alike

Having done a lot of research I bought a set of Hex Logic pads to use on my 10 year old Vauxhall Astra which had a lot of sails, holograms and scratches. After a day or so with my DA I can say these pads did a great job. Kept sling and dusting to a minimum, never got hot on the panel but had great cutting and finishing abilities. Make sure you pick the right colour pad for your job (Chemical Guys have a good YouTube video to help) and I recommend the Chemical Guys Pad Primer to help keep your pads in good order as you do you polishing, and the Chemical Guys Pad Cleanser to get them like new after you have finished. Also very useful that Chemical Guys offer the pads in multiple sizes including 3.5" (not Quantum, but the regular Hex) for the more intricate areas.

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