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Covercraft Covers 3-Layer Moderate Climate Car Cover

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All Climate Multi Layer Car Cover

Introducing the Covercraft 3-Layer Moderate Climate newly upgraded multi-layer car cover, the ultimate choice for spring-autumn protection. Safeguard your vehicle with our specific brighter season car cover. With a cutting-edge 3-layer fabric construction, this cover offers you both a water repellant layer, strengthening layers to protects against rips and tears and an outer layer with high UV protection.

Many cars that can be tucked away nicely during the harsher winter months may need their protection during lighter weather. Think of a classic car or show car that when sitting outside during those warmer months is still prone to some rain, fallout and of course UV rays. A heavy all weather cover may not be the most suitable for these types of conditions, choosing a lighter weight material which has a higher UV protective layer can give you care better protection over this period.

Our exclusive line of Covercraft custom car covers boasts a tailor-made design crafted to OEM standards, ensuring a flawless fit for each vehicle. Enhanced with non-scratch grommets featuring a velvety felt backing, robust double-stitched seams that overlap for extra durability, and urethane elastic expertly sewn into the front and rear hems for effortless installation, these custom car covers provide the pinnacle of quality.

When you're in search of premium custom car covers that offer the utmost versatility for both indoor and outdoor protection, with a seamless glide across your finish, our 3-layer multi-layer moderate-climate construction is the ideal choice. This resilient material is built to withstand all weather conditions, guarding your vehicle against dust, pollen, harmful UV rays, rain, and more. Not only does the robust layering enhance protection, but it also provides an added layer of privacy and acts as a deterrent against theft. When parked indoors, this cover doubles as a superior dust top, ensuring your vehicle retains its pristine appearance. The plush softback lining, coupled with the sturdy multi-layer design, minimizes scuffs and minor dings from inadvertent bumps or garage mishaps. Opting for a premium car cover offers unmatched protection, reduces the risk of micro-scratches, maintains your vehicle's aesthetic excellence, and safeguards your resale value.

Covercraft Covers 5 Layer All Climate Ratings.


  • Grey Colour
  • Custom-Fit Car Cover
  • Moderate Climate Protection
  • 3-Layer Multi-Layer Construction
  • Protects Against Moisture & Dust
  • Treated for Extra UV Resistance
  • Durable Yet Lightweight for Easy Storage
  • Excellent Daily Protection
  • Reinforced Non-Scratch Grommets
  • Durable Overlapped Double-Stitched Seams
  • Urethane Elastic Sewn Into Front & Rear Hems
  • Moderate Outdoor Car Cover Use
  • Indoor Car Cover Use
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Sewn in the USA with the Highest Quality Standards

Covercraft Covers 5 Layer All Climate Ratings.

Please use the Find My Car link to select the correct pattern from over 30,000 available.

Don't worry if your car is not listed, simply contact our support team on 01474 360 360 or email carcovers@theultimatefinish.co.uk. We are all enthusiasts who love talking about cars.

All covers are tailor-made to order, please click here for returns Terms & Conditions. Please allow 14 - 21 working days for delivery. UK courier delivery is provided free of charge on all orders.

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