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Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner (500ml & 5 Litres)

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Minty Clean Windows!

Glass cleaning sprays are typically either based on vinegar and water, or alcohol and water. Dodo Juice found alcohol-based recipes tended to smear less and are easier to use - so that's what they made. The result is Clearly Menthol - a minty mouthwash coloured glass spray that cleans glass and leaves a sparkling, residue-free finish.

Can be used over durable glass sealants.

Sizes: 500ml & 5 Litres (Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

Jon C
five stars 04 Jan 2023

Removes Road film and insects easily

Removes Road film and insects easily, buffs up to a good clear finish

five stars 14 May 2015

A window cleaner that works

The one job I hate doing on the car is cleaning the windows, because I always end up with streaks, but since using this I have found that I don't get streaks and the windows are clean another great product from Dodo Juice.

five stars 02 May 2015

Crystal clear windows

Great product as it does a great job and seems to last ages!! Just spray on to the window or cloth and as you rub the liquid is drying and cleaning with no smears at all. Buff up the window and youll be amazed at the crystal clarity and also how well the windows shrug water after using this product. Smells pretty good too!

five stars 30 Oct 2012


Previously sworn by Autoglym Fast Glass, which is a great product. Thought I'd try this because of success with other Dodo products and, well, its very good. Seems to very quickly clean glass to that squeaky state when you know its totally degreased. Also worked well when sprayed directly onto a cloth to work on the inside of the windscreen - I don't like spraying product inside the car because it goes everywhere. So, buy some I say.

five stars 09 Oct 2011

Awesome clarity

After using Meguiars NXT glass cleaner and thinking it's good I decided to see what Dodo Juice had to offer in terms of performance. I'm happy to say that Dodo Juice have done it again to produce an easy to use cleaner that produces epic shine. The trick is in the buff, you won't use any other glass spray again.

five stars 24 Jun 2011

A Clear Winner!!

I bought this along with a Mint Merkin towel this week after having used many cheaper products over the years and this puts everything to shame! The fact that it cleans your window so effortlessly means you hardly need to use any which I think actually makes it work out quite cheap too!

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