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Dodo Juice Dish Soap (1L)

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Dodo Juice Dish Soap (1L)
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ph neutral, non-caustic wheel cleaner for custom rims or sensitive surfaces

Dish Soap is a genuinely pH-neutral wheel cleaner using neutralised salts and strong detergents, to create a wheel cleaner that’s as safe as it gets (whilst still getting your wheels clean). No colour change properties or chemical reactions, Dish Soap offers good, honest (and SAFE!) cleaning.

Perfect for regularly cleaned and sealed wheels, or for wheels with very sensitive finishes (anodised, chrome etc.), Dish Soap is a must for those who are regularly out caring for their car!

Features & Benefits:

  • pH neutral, non-acidic & non caustic
  • Ideal for lightly contaminated wheels or wheels that wear a coating
  • Suitable for custom rims & sensitive surfaces such as anodised chrome
  • Easy spray on solution

Directions for use:

  • Rinse your wheels with a pressure washer to remove loose dirt
  • Spray Dish Soap onto the wheel face, spokes, barrel & rim, working it in with a wheel brush if needed
  • Rinse off with water

Sizes: 1 Litre

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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