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Dodo Juice Shag Pad

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Dodo Juice Shag Pad
Dodo Juice Shag Pad
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Deep pile microfibre wash pad

The 'Shag Pad' from Dodo Juice is a shag-pile microfibre wash pad offering a decent-sized sponge which is covered in the same soft, synthetic microfibre found on Dodo Juice's Fozzie Hair wash mitt.

Unlike a cuffed mitt, the Shag Pad will not suffer from the same stitching or splitting issues that can often occur. Simply dunk the mitt into your bucket, squeeze to release your wash solution and then gently glide the pad over your desired panel.

The Shag Pad is great to ensure the safest of contact washes and offers excellent value compared to many deep mile wash mitts.

Features & Benefits:

  • Premium wash pad
  • Minimises swirl infliction thanks to soft microfibre composition
  • Highly absorbent
  • Durable - less likely to rip or tear compared to a cuffed mitt

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