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Dodo Juice Sidewall Bob

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Dodo Juice Sidewall Bob
Dodo Juice Sidewall Bob
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Detail Those Tyres

If your tyre dressing doesn't seem to be lasting as long as it did, there is a high chance your tyres are contaminated. This barrier made from broken down silicone of the old tyre dressings (typically brown) stops a good bond between the two. Just like you wouldn't put a wax or coating on a dirty car, you shouldn't put a dressing on a dirty wheel if you want it to last.

Thankfully, the team at Dodo Juice have come up with a brush designed just for cleaning your tyres; Sidewall Bob, along with a citrus or all-purpose cleaner, will shift that brown dirty looking layer on your tyres to restore them to their beautiful best.

The stiff bristled brush is strong enough to get into the groves of the sidewall pattern to agitate the detergent, using water from your wheel bucket to rinse the dirt away at the same time. Never use the brush on the wheels directly as the 25mm nylon bristles could cause scratching.

After you have finished and the tyre is dry, apply your favourite tyre dressing for that just detailed look, which will last longer than before.

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