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Gtechniq Complete Wheel Coating Kit

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Protect Your Car's Alloy Wheels

Gtechniq Complete Wheel Coating Kit is the easiest way to get your car's alloy wheel protected. 2 simple steps, prepare and protect. Applying a ceramic sealant to any surface of your car is only going to be beneficial if the surface is correctly prepared. We all know how to clean a car from a basic 2 stage wash or to a more in-depth wash, including clay bars; what many over look is the extra preparation required for the application of a ceramic sealant.

During the normal wash stages, surfactants and detergents may be left behind on the surface after rinsing; this could stop a sealant bonding to the surface correctly, ending or reducing the life expectancy or properties of the protective layer. The Complete Wheel Coating Kit contains Gtechniq Panel Wipe, which is used before the application of the C5 Alloy Wheel Armour to remove impurities. In combination with the 1 or 2 MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buffing Cloths, all the washing residue will be broken down by the Panel Wipe and absorbed into the cloth.

After the surface is prepared correctly, C5 Alloy Wheel Armour can be applied following the included how-to directions to offer you up to a year of protection. Easier washing and less build up of dirt between washes keeps your car looking cleaner for longer. Your car's alloy wheel surface will always become dirtier than any other area due to its location and movement. With the C5 protection applied, cleaning your alloy wheels has never been so easy!

Kit Includes:

  • 1x C5 Wheel Armour 30ml
  • 1x Panel Wipe 250ml
  • 3x MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloth

How To Use:

  • Remove any dirt and debris from the wheels with a good quality wheel cleaner
  • Spray Panel Wipe onto one of the MF1 ZeroR Cloths
  • Wipe over the wheels thoroughly
  • Apply C5 as directed
  • Buff away residue using the remaining MF1 ZeroR Cloths
  • Allow to cure before exposing to outside elements


[Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)] - Please refer to individual product pages

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