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Gtechniq Detailing Brush Set (2 Pack)

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Gtechniq Detailing Brush Set (2 Pack)
Gtechniq Detailing Brush Set
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Car Detailing Brush Set Interior & Exterior

Gtechniq Detailing Brush Set is constructed from heavy duty plastic making them highly durable. The dual kit has different bristle types that are optimised for both interior and exterior use, so you never cross contaminate during the washing stages. With the slightly firmer bristles, they are perfect for exterior use to deal with the grease and grim found in door shuts, panel joints, grills etc. The black bristled brush is much softer to be delicate on all interior car surfaces, especially those finished in a softer high gloss plastic.

With rubberised grips you will be in complete control of either Gtechniq Detailing brush so you can load up the bristles with product; drop them in a bucket of water and still have the confident to move them over the car without dropping them on the floor. The handle has the correct weight for an even balance to give you even greater control when detailing your car.

A fantastic choice of detailing brushes for those intricate areas found on all vehicles include motorbikes and other small complicated shaped parts. Spray your favourite cleaner directly onto the surface or onto the bristles and agitate with either a twisting motion or a circle pattern to lift away any built up road dirt.

Kit Contains:

  • 1x Exterior Brush (White bristles)
  • 1x Interior Brush (Black Bristles)

Size: 2 Pack

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