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Gtechniq CSL, EXOv5 and Panel Wipe Kit (30ml & 50ml)

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Gtechniq Panel Wipe, CSL and EXO Kit (30ml & 50ml)
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The Ultimate Car Protection Kit.

For any sealant to form chemical bonds effectively during the car detailing process, the intended panel must always be perfectly clean, free from any polish or silicon residues.

Gtechniq Panel Wipe blends pure alcohols with aromatic solvents to dissolve any polish residues and 'flash' off, to leave a completely decontaminated surface.

Based on the Crystal Serum, Gtechniq's flagship coating which is suitable for professional application only, Crystal Serum Light (CSL) has been designed with the car care enthusiast in mind.

Crystal Serum Light forms strong chemical bonds with paintwork to provide significant resistance to wash-induced swirls. It also provides an impressive resilience to extremes of pH, such as those found in some car wash products, traffic film removers, industrial fallout and environmental factors.

Crystal Serum Light provides exceptional levels of gloss, but for added reflectivity and unbeatable water-beading, finish with a layer of Gtechniq EXOv5 Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating.

Features & Benefits:

  • User-friendly - very easy to apply
  • Exceptional gloss levels
  • CSL provides a tough, durable resistance to wash-induced swirls
  • Provides a slick finish inhibiting the adherence of contaminants
  • Inhibits staining from industrial & environmental fallout
  • One layer provides up to 80% of the protection of Crystal Serum
  • Can be removed using traditional 3 stage polishing techniques
  • Can be layered for increased protection
  • Add a layer of EXOv5 for unbeatable hydrophobic function
  • Download: How To Use Guide

Kit Contains:

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