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Gtechniq MF2 Zero Scratch Microfibre Towel (Single)

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Supersoft Drying Towel

Gtechniq's MF2 Zero Scratch Microfibre Drying Towel has been designed to be as gentle on car paintwork as possible, with a generous 60x90cm size and 450gsm weight, it has enough absorbancy properties to dry even the largest car.

All detailers and valeters would agree that cars with swirls and scratches have received the majority of these during the cleaning process and most likely the drying process too. That is why a good microfibre drying towel is imperative to reduce any marring on the paintwork to keep the gloss finish for longer.

How to use

  • Make sure the towel is free from contaminants
  • Lay flat on the car and pat dry
  • For vertical surfaces, use the towel with a little pressure
  • Wash after each use at no more than 50c using a non-biological detergent
  • Do not use bleach-based products or fabric softeners
  • Hand dry or for best results on a low tumble dry
  • Always store in a dust free environment

Size: 60 x 90cm

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