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Kamikaze Collection Detailing Brush 50 Pack (2mm & 5mm)

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Kamikaze Collection Detailing Brush 50 Pack (2mm)
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Clean or coat the hardest to reach areas

Specially designed for both cleaning and protective coating application in small places where a cloth or applicator pad cannot reach, the Kamikaze Collection Detailing Brush is a disposable solution for attending to the most intricate of areas on a vehicle. The tip is made of a special microfiber material and features a diagonally cut shape which enables access to the tightest of spots, such as in and around badges, emblems, grills and more.

The Detailing Brushes are the perfect addition to your armoury for ensuring no area goes un-coated when you are applying a Kamikaze Collection Ceramic coating!

Features & Benefits:

  • Reach the tightest of spots
  • Access badge surrounds, grills, emblems & more
  • Suitable for cleaning & protective coat application
  • Specially cut diagonal shaped tip
  • Microfiber engineered tip

Sizes: 2mm (50 Pack) & 5mm (50 Pack) (Select from drop down menu above)

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