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Kamikaze Collection Graphene Trim Coat (30ml)

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Kamikaze Collection Graphene Trim Coat (30ml)
Kamikaze Collection Graphene Trim Coat
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Graphene based trim restoration & super-enhancing car detailing product.

New to the Kamikaze Collection for comes Graphene Trim Coat, an intelligently engineered product designed to refurbish the dark trim sections found on a car that have degraded over time. Weathering and cheap maintenance products can cause unsightly fading to such areas, Kamikaze Graphene Trim Coat will nourish treated surfaces, bringing back an as-new finish with extraordinary hydrophobic properties.

Graphene Trim Coat differs from many conventional trim treatment coatings due to the construction and development having an added emphasis on the levelling performance that brings added durability, with visible aesthetic advantages.

Features & Benefits:

  • Film coating for treating black trim on a car
  • Super-hydrophobic properties helping to repel water & dirt more freely
  • Helps to preserve the new, black resin trim found on a car
  • Restores older, degraded trim to an as new finish
  • Impressive levelling capabilities
  • Unrivalled durability

Directions for use:

  • Do not apply in direct sunlight
  • Ensure all intended surfaces for application are thoroughly cleaned prior to application of Graphene Trim Coat
  • Shake the bottle well, mixing the graphene
  • Apply a few drops of the product onto an applicator sponge or pad
  • Apply the product in straight lines onto the intended surface
  • No Wipe Off Required
  • Allow 12 hours for curing and do not expose to any kind of moisture or water
  • If hazing or high spots occur, undertake the application again

Size: 30ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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