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Koch Chemie FU Fresh Up (1 Litre)

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Remove Car Interior Odours with FU

Koch Chemie FU Fresh Up is a specially formulated sprayable product designed to tackle unpleasant smells in a variety of settings, including vehicles, caravans, boats, sanitary areas, residential spaces, and commercial areas. It effectively targets odour molecules from sources such as tobacco smoke, animal smells, decomposition processes, and more. By encapsulating these odour molecules, Fresh Up renders them ineffective, providing you with a fresh and pleasant car interior.

Not only does Koch Chemie Fresh Up neutralize and eliminate odours, but it also deodorizes rooms, textiles, and other treated areas, leaving behind a refreshing fragrance. Say goodbye to unwanted smells and enjoy a revitalized atmosphere.

For particularly challenging cases involving extreme odour problems in vehicles, we recommend complementing Fresh Up with our ozone generator KC 3500. This powerful combination ensures thorough and efficient odour control.

Experience the transformative power of Fresh Up and enjoy an environment free from unwanted odours.


  • Treats Hoodlings, Fabrics, Leather
  • Tackles tobacco smoke, animal smells
  • Use as an air freshener

How To Use:

  • Clean the area first with an interior or specific cleaner
  • Allow the area to dry fully
  • Spray Fresh Up directly onto the surface
  • Allow the product to dry
  • Repeat if necessary

Size: 1 Litre


Koch Chemie PSS Plast Star User Guide

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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