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Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam (1 Litre)

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High Foaming Professional Snow Foam

Koch Chemie has introduced a high foaming professional Gentle Snow Foam that is both pH neutral and highly concentrated. With only 20-50ml required for each wash, you no longer need to lug around a full 5 Litre container to do the first step in a basic detailing job.

With a sweet cherry scent, you can enjoy the aroma as the Gentle Snow Foam tackles the build up of road grime. For extra cleaning powers, the Gentle Snow Foam can be combined with Koch Chemie Green Star to shift all the bugs and stubborn dirt.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly concentrated, economical formula
  • pH Neutral
  • Cherry Fragrance
  • Does Not Remove Wax or Sealants

How To Use:

  • Add a ratio of 20ml Snow Foam/1L Water into your Foam Cannon or Foam Sprayer
  • Spray onto the car and leave to dwell for 5 minutes
  • Do not allow to dry
  • Rinse off
  • Additional 10-30ml Green Star can be added for a deeper clean
  • Can be added to the hand wash phase with 50ml added to a 10L Bucket of water

Size: 1 Litre

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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