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Maxshine Bucket Buddy (Red)

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Maxshine Bucket Buddy (Red)
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Bucket Buddy Holder Attachment

A bucket is enhanced by the Maxshine Bucket Buddy, which offers essential storage space that is conveniently accessible for detailing.

The Bucket Buddy is a handy tool for keeping wash mitts, towels, detailing brushes, shampoos, and other necessary detailing equipment close at hand. It attaches to the edge of buckets.

The Bucket Buddy has two holes (18 mm) on each side for storing detailed brushes. This inventive storage container has a divider in the middle that lets you divide things anyway you'd like.

Two holes are also included in the base of the Bucket Buddy. This lets used water escape if you place a sponge or wash mitt inside.


  • Size: 22.31 × 36.2 × 17.03cm
  • 2 drainage holes
  • Side Bucket attachment

Colour: Black or Red

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