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Maxshine Wheel & Tyre Cleaning Stand

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Maxshine Wheel & Tyre Cleaning Stand
Maxshine Wheel & Tyre Cleaning Stand
Maxshine Wheel & Tyre Cleaning Stand
Maxshine Wheel & Tyre Cleaning Stand
Maxshine Wheel & Tyre Cleaning Stand
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The Best Way To Clean & Protect A Wheel

When it comes to cleaning, maintaining and servicing car wheels, MaxShine Wheel & Tyre Cleaning Stand has various advantages:

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Using the stand to clean, polish, and protect wheels is both efficient and effective. With its simple rotation, users can make sure that every component is accessible and handled equally, leading to a polished and comprehensive finish.

Decreased Physical Stress: The user can operate at the perfect height and posture, putting less physical strain on their body, by taking the wheel out of the car and setting it on the stand. This is very useful for handling huge truck and automobile wheels.

High-quality construction: To ensure long-term efficacy and durability, the stands are usually built with sturdy materials such aluminium frames.

Smooth Rotation and Control: Polyurethane casters and locking levers are frequently included with the stands, which enable the wheel to rotate smoothly and precisely under control. This function makes sure that navigating and working on various portions of the wheel is easy for the user.

The stands are made with a compact and portable design that makes them simple to store, clean, and move. Their collapsible nature makes them lightweight and compact, making them portable for maintenance while on the go or storage in confined locations.

Simple Installation: A lot of tyre and wheel stands are made to be installed quickly and easily without requiring any drilling. This feature makes the product easier to use and more accessible to a larger group of users by streamlining the setup procedure.


  • Clean, polish and protect your wheels the most efficient and effective way possible.
  • Heavy-duty construction and materials used to ensure the quality and effectiveness of this tool.
  • Aluminium frame used is optimal for durability and to prevent corrosion.
  • The casters are polyurethane and have a locking lever.
  • Smoothly rotate your wheel with full control, making the next working section accessible.
  • Easy to clean, store and take with you on the go.
  • Easy installation, no drilling is required.
  • 91.5 x 58 x 34.5cm
  • 12Kg
  • 3 Rollers

Size: Single Stand

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