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Meguiars Duo Twist Drying Towel (50x90cm)

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Meguiars Duo Twist Drying Towel (50x90cm)
Meguiars Duo Twist Drying Towel
Meguiars Duo Twist Drying Towel
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Drying Towels With A Twist

Twist drying towels are becoming the front runner in absorbancy and softness for a towel to dry your car. At 1200gsm, the Meguiars Duo Twist Drying Towel is no sloth when it comes to absorbancy power. In fact it is Meguiar's most absorbent towel to date (gram for gram).

The latest technology of twisting the microfibre stands when creating the weave pattern. This will allow more water to be absorbed and importantly, trapped in the cloth whilst drying your car. This will give you an overall safer and better car drying experience, as you are needing less microfibres to complete the job. With the softness of 13% polyamide, it will reduce your chances of scratching your cars paintwork. Lastly, the generous 50x90cm size is neither too small to deal with larger cars, nor too big for those tighter areas or sides.


  • Most effective and best performing drying towel
  • 1200gsm microfibre
  • Meguiar's most absorbent (& ultra-soft) drying towel
  • Completely safe on all paint finishes
  • Microfibre composition: 87% Polyester & 13% Polyamide
  • XL: 50cm x 90cm

How To Use:

  • Wash the car and rinse as normal.
  • Lay the towel on horizontal surfaces.
  • Pat the towel to absorb the water.
  • For vertical surfaces gently wipe the towel over the paintwork.
  • Ring out the towel as needed.
  • It is recommended to wash after each use (no fabric softeners).

Size: 50x90cm

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