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Meguiars Hot Rims Black Wheel Cleaner (709ml)

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Powerful Formula for Stubborn Brake Dust & Tough Grime

Designed for more sensitive black rims, Meguiar's Hot Rims Black Wheel Cleaner has a special formulation wheel cleaner designed to powerfully clean. Use on black high gloss wheels, matte and chrome rims.

Hot brake dust and dirt not only affect the look of your wheels but also, if left untreated, will damage the rims permanently. Meguiar's rim cleaner removes stuck brake dust and road grime with gentle but effective concentrated cleaning agents. The high-quality foam reduces the chance of scratches.

As a slight gel consistency, Meguiar's Hot Rim Wheel Cleaner is sensitive on black finishes but powerful on dirt, soot, and brake dust. Brake dust contains corrosive iron and carbon that can damage rims. Hot Rims Black Wheel Cleaner helps remove this contamination before it causes permanent corrosion and damage. The gel formula will foam, ensuring that the entire rim is spotless.


  • Effective & Deep Cleaning: Sticks of foaming gel for thorough cleaning
  • Designed for black wheels: made specifically for all-black wheel finishes
  • Strong & Safe: Maximum cleanliness while being kind to wheels
  • Cling Action: Formula stays on the surface longer to clean it more thoroughly
  • Multiple Use: Cleans glossy, matte, satin, and black chrome wheels safely and effectively

How To Use:

  • Rinse rims with plenty of water to remove loose dirt
  • Before first use, always test on a small, inconspicuous area
  • Spray the wheel cleaner on all surfaces including wheels, tires, brake pads and other parts
  • Let dwell to soak off dirt
  • Use a wheel brush to gently remove hard dirt and soot
  • Rinse away all residue with water

Size: 709ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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