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Meguiars Hybrid Microfiber Wash Mitt

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Noodle Hybrid Car Wash Mitt

Meguiar’s Hybrid Wash Mitt features 2 unique cleaning sides to optimise your car washing experience. The bright orange noodles side is a chenille microfibre which helps create extra suds and will help you gently wash dirt from the surface trapped in between the fibres. Rinse this trapped dirt off in your detailing rinse bucket to reduce transfer back to the paintwork. Then comes the grey "waxing" side which can then absorb the Hybrid Ceramic Si02 Boost found in the Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax. This Si02 Boost will leave behind a water beading hydrophobic protection layer.

You can also use this was mitt with other Meguiars favourites, such as Ultimate Wash & Wax or Gold Class Shampoo for an even safer wash than conventional wash mitt.


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