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Meguiar's ScratchX Paint Scratch Remover (207ml)

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AutoEXPRESS 'Recommended' - Eliminates Fine Scratches & Swirl Marks.

This new and improved formula removes scratches and swirl marks while enhancing the paint colour. ScratchX 2.0 should not be confused with the many aggressive ‘cutting compounds’ available on the market. More gentle than other formulations, it won’t leave behind more scratches than it takes out, so it's ideal for quick touch-ups or reviving a car’s entire paintwork, even on today’s softer clearcoat finishes.

Features & Benefits:

  • A 'must have' product for isolated paint problems
  • Totally safe on all paint finishes
  • Restores brilliant clear finish
  • Use by hand or with DA / Rotary machine

As 'Recommended' by AutoEXPRESS -

"Born in the USA, Meguiar’s high-quality cleaning kit is making inroads over here, and we were certainly impressed with the Scratch X Fine Scratch and Swirl Remover’s performance. The directions explained that the paste could be used for clearcoat as well as coloured marks, suggesting it was less fierce than some products. And in practice, it was: light pressure removed most of the blemishes, and only a little extra effort got right down to the others, leaving a pleasing shine."

Size: 207ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

five stars 18 Apr 2013

ScratchX 2.0 NEW

All my small swirls and scratches disappeared. Super product for low cost.

five stars 11 Jan 2011


bought scrath x in the off chance off removing quite bad scratches from my PLASTIC mirror surrounds..many people wernt sure if it only worked on paint..nope!!couldnt believe how the scratches instantly dissapeared!!protected with mothers back too black afterwards!shines like a mirror!

D Gordon
five stars 13 Mar 2010

scratch x

I used scratch x on my light blue metalic Audi A4. Light scratches disappeared with little effort. Deeper scratches don't look so bad - excellent product.

five stars 19 Feb 2010

Scratch X 2.0

Recently bought a black car that had light scratches all over. The garage where I bought it from tried to polish them out, but they just created more buffer marks and swirls. Scratch X is like a wax with a compound in it - I was worried about using this on metallic black, but works very well. I did my whole car by hand, which took a long time but it got rid of all the swirls and some of the minor scratches. Pleasantly surprised at how good it is - need to get some more for the wifes car now !

five stars 16 Feb 2010

ScratchX 2.0

I bought ScratchX 2.0 a month ago. Superb product. Scratches and swirls just are in the past. Not suitable for very deep scratches. I was astonished! I recommended it.

five stars 26 Apr 2009

ScratchX 2.0 NEW

A brilliant product. Gets rid of swirls and scratches. However the small size was not quite enough to do my Mercedes e220 Coupe and I had to finish the roof and bonnet with T-Cut. Give car a good wax afterwards for concourse condition!!!

g smith
five stars 15 Mar 2009

scratch x

I found Scratch X 2.0 to be very good at getting rid of scratches, but it takes 3-4 goes to get rid of them.

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