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Meguiar's Smooth Surface Clay Kit

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Car surface decontamination essentials clay bar kit

The Meguiar's Smooth Surface Clay Kit is a product designed to remove bonded contaminants from the surface of a car, resulting in a much smoother, cleaner finish. The clay bar will collect contaminants such as tree sap, overspray, industrial fallout and more, all of which bond to the paintwork to give a rough and disappointingly flat looking surface. The Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Starter Kit helps to quickly and safely restore a smooth finish, preparing surfaces for your protection phase and enabling polishes, waxes or sealants to be used to their maximum.

Features & Benefits:

  • Key product for decontaminating surfaces thoroughly
  • Target tar, stubborn bug remains, tree sap etc
  • Non-abrasive clay bar for the quick & easy removal of contaminants on a car
  • Eliminates water and detergent spots with efficiency
  • Suitable for use on multiple surfaces including paintwork & glass
  • Increases the durability of sealants & waxes

Kit contains:

  • 2 x Meguiars Clay Bars: individually wrapped 80g clay bars to provide safe, effective removal of bonded surface contaminants. They come complete with a plastic storage case to prevent them from drying out or gumming up over time.

  • 1 x Quik Detailer (473ml): Meguiars Quik Detailer 473ml can be used anytime, anywhere to remove fresh contaminants before they bond or etch into your paint finish. Used as a clay lubricant, the Quik Detailer prevents the clay bar from sticking to the paint.

  • 1 x Supreme Shine Microfibre: Meguiars' premium dual-sided microfibre towel provides amazing mirror-like shine on all finishes. Used in conjunction with Meguiars waxes and detailers, the Supreme Shine microfibre delivers amazing scratch-free results quickly and easily.

Directions for use:

  • Mist the Quik Detailer onto the panel and clay bar
  • Slide the clay bar over the lubricated surfaces until the contaminants are removed
  • When the clay becomes dirty, fold and knead to a clean side
  • Wipe the surface dry with a clean microfibre before evaluating treated surfaces
  • Repeat steps 1 & 2 until the surface is as smooth as glass

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