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Menzerna Endless Shine (500ml)

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Menzerna Endless Shine (500ml)
Menzerna Endless Shine
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Refresh The Gloss.

Endless Shine is an advanced quick detailing spray that instantly adds gloss and protection to a variety of surfaces. Use it to boost wax or sealant layers after maintenance washing, or to remove light dust and fingerprint marks between washing.

Menzerna Endless Shine has an unbelievably fluid, anti-static, and glossy finish and is incredibly simple to use—just spritz on, wipe, and buff. Additionally, even when used as a standalone product, it still leaves behind noticeable amounts of protection. It produces ideal water beading and reduces the accumulation of dirt. Menzerna Endless Shine actually does help rejuvenate the finish and works incredibly well as a top-up for pre-existing sealants and waxes.


  • Adds gloss & boosts existing wax or sealant layer
  • Extends life of wax & sealant layer
  • Improves water beading properties
  • Removes fingerprints, dust & water marks
  • Suitable for use on all smooth surfaces including clearcoats, glass, plastic & metals

How To Use:

  • Spray onto the surface
  • Buff with clean, soft microfibre
  • Not suitable for use as a clay lubricant
  • Do not use in direct sunlight or on a hot panel

Size: 500ml


Menzerna Endless Shine Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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