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Menzerna Lambs Wool Pad (150mm)

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Lambs Wool Machine Polishing Pad.

This Menzerna Lambs Wool Pad works in conjunction with your machine polisher and comes in a 150mm size. The pad will remove imperfections in car paintwork such as swirling and deep scratches. It will cut quickly, and the pad operates with a reduced rate of heat build up. Menzerna's Lambs Wool Pad is recommended for use with Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 1100.

Foam pads can only go so far when it comes to removing the deeper scratches in paintwork; with lambs wool you have a coarser material allowing you to use the polisher at a slightly slower speed but still increasing cut levels.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lambs Wool Pad for machine polishing
  • Produces a heavy cut
  • Removes heavy swirl marks & deep scratches
  • Low heat build up
  • Made from high quality, abrasive wool

Size: 150mm

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