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Menzerna One Step Polish 3-in-1 (250ml & 1L)

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Compound, Polish & Protect In One Step.

When looking for a fast acting compound which also provides protection, Menzerna One Step 3-in-1 is the ideal solution.

Capable of polishing out 3000 grit sanding marks, One Step 3-in-1 refines out to leave a high gloss shine with lasting protection.

Menzerna Cut Level


  • Polishes, shines & protects in one easy step
  • Removes imperfections such as 3000 grit sanding marks, wash swirls & oxidation
  • Suitable for application by hand, rotary, or DA polisher
  • Makes surfaces smoother to the touch
  • Bodyshop safe
  • Easy to use

How To Use:

  • Ensure surface is clean, dry & cool to the touch
  • Use a medium or soft foam pad (depending on the level of cut required)
  • If using a DA polisher, apply 3-4 pea-sized drops to the pad
  • If using a rotary polisher, apply 1-2 pea-sized drops to the pad
  • Place pad against paintwork & start polisher on a slow speed to spread the product
  • Work product on a medium speed (4-5 with a Dual Action, 3-4 with a Rotary)
  • Gradually increase speed to break down abrasive particles until an oily film appears
  • Buff residue with soft microfibre

Technical Specification:

  • Cut: 5/10
  • Gloss: 9/10
  • Water-based
  • Contains diminishing abrasives
  • Suitable for use with rotary & dual action machine polishers
  • Silicone-free, bodyshop safe
  • Paintable

Sizes: 250ml & 1 Litre (Select from drop down menu above)


Menzerna One Step Polish 3-in-1 Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

five stars 28 Jul 2021

AMAZING 3 in 1 compound

Let's start with my polishing skills. I am experienced. For years I wanted to get back to polishing my cars however could not find the right product(s). Well, I now have. It's the perfect blend of cut finish and ease of use. It is nicely wet, doesn't splash and keeps the pad / surface cool. I used it with a Gmop and it doesn't clog it. Easy to clean afterwards and leaves a nice hologram free surface. I ordered a 250ml bottle and used half of it for the all mid-size car. No need for expensive polishing machine either. Mine is a Milwaukee. It's great for minor scratches too. I could go on forever. Try it and enjoy it.

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