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Nanolex Si3D APX Bundle (30ml)

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Nanolex Si3D APX Bundle (30ml)
Nanolex Si3D APX Bundle
Nanolex Si3D APX Bundle
Nanolex Si3D APX Bundle
Nanolex Si3D APX Bundle
Nanolex Si3D APX Bundle
Nanolex Si3D APX Bundle
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Next Gen Multi Surface Car Sealant

Dive into the next generation of vehicle protection with Nanolex Si3D APX. Meticulously crafted with a state-of-the-art glass-like hybrid SiO2 compound, this avant-garde coating champions comprehensive protection, gracing every exterior corner of your vehicle with unmatched brilliance and resilience.

Elite Multifaceted Defense. Nanolex Si3D APX stands as a beacon of superior protective technology. It forms a sturdy, clear ceramic shield, defending against environmental challenges, water spots, and UV threats, while intensifying the innate allure and color vibrancy of your vehicle.

  • Adaptable Protection: An all-in-one solution offering effortless protection for diverse surfaces, from paint to glass and trims.
  • Color Depth Amplification: Witness a significant darkening effect, bringing out the depth and richness of your vehicle’s hues.
  • Enhanced Hydrophobicity: Exhibits unparalleled beading and sheeting, coupled with a radiant gloss that’s truly captivating.
  • Extended Performance: Delivers long-standing protection with an impressive durability of 15,000 km or an entire year.
  • Swift Curing: Remarkably short curing time of just 1 hour, getting you back on the road faster.
  • Generous Flash Time: Designed for convenience with an extended flash time, allowing you to treat your entire car before buffing becomes necessary.

Supreme Convenience & Efficiency. Nanolex Si3D APX is tailored for both the perfectionist and the everyday user, promising a consistent, hassle-free application process. Experience the synergy of top-tier protection and ultimate user-centric design.

Maintenance & Safety. Retain your vehicle’s impeccable appearance effortlessly, requiring minimal upkeep. Conceived with utmost user safety in focus, following the precise application instructions ensures peak results and a safe coating experience.


  • An all-in-one solution for paint, glass and plastic trim
  • Enhanced Hydrophobicity
  • Long-standing protection of 15,000 km or an entire year
  • Short curing time of just 1 hour
  • Generous Flash Time & Easy Application
  • Temperature 5 -30°Celsius
  • Air Humidity 30-70%

Safety Precautions: ensure you wear the appropriate personal protective equipment when handling and applying Nanolex Car Care products. For further information please refer to the label. Choose a shaded area for the application, away from direct sunlight.

Sizes: 30ml Kit

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