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Nanolex Si3D Base Coat (30ml & 50ml)

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Flexible Glass Coating For Paintwork.

The inherently tough and swirl resistant nature of ceramic coatings should make them ideal for protecting softer paint finishes. However, the removal of these coatings usually requires the layer to be allowed to become tacky prior to buffing and the resulting friction can often cause marks.

That all changes with Nanolex Si3D BC. Drawing on years of expertise, backed by research and development and the use of innovative raw materials, Nanolex Car Care has released a new coating; the Nanolex Si3D BC.

Nanolex Si3D BC is a semi-hydrophobic coating incorporating many of the benefits of modern ceramic coatings but with one key feature: flexibility. Si3D's nature makes it the perfect base coat for Si3D and Si3D HD. As a base coat, it enhances the properties of the top coat, providing boosting durability and gloss performance. As a result, Si3D BC is highly suited to layering with Nanolex Si3D and Si3D HD to deliver an outstanding finish.

Once cured, the hard, amorphous (not crystalline) but flexible layers combined with crosslinked, balanced straight-chain structures to simultaneously provide the desired flexibility and improved bonding power, leading to superior performance.

Contrary to conventional, silane-based coatings, where the volatility of the carrier agent negatively impacts the crystal formation during the conversion, Nanolex Si3D BC’s sophisticated formulation delivers solid, strong and extremely dense glass layers. The molecular weight becomes increasingly dense during curing, providing a tough, swirl and chemical resistant layer.

Si3D BC uses low volatile, non-aggressive, slow-evaporating solvents, guaranteeing compatibility with freshly painted cars and sensitive paints. Application and buffing are easy as the product does not need to become tacky before being buffed off.

Features & Benefits:

  • Exceptionally hard yet flexible coating for increased swirl resistance
  • As a stand-alone coating, lasts around 36 months even on daily drivers
  • Improved substrate bonding for maximum toughness
  • Suitable even for sensitive paint finishes
  • Easy to apply
  • Recommended for use as a base layer prior to the application of Si3D & Si3D HD

Directions for use:

  • Ensure vehicle is decontaminated, clean, dry & polished
  • Prepare surfaces by wiping with Nanolex EX to remove polish or silicone residues
  • Apply a few drops of Si3D BC to a Nanolex Si3D Microfibre Applicator wrapped around a Si3D Applicator Block (for stability)
  • Working on a small section at a time (40-50cm square), apply Si3D BC using light pressure
  • Buff immediately without allowing the coating to dry out
  • Once the whole car is coated, allow to cure in a warm, dry environment away from the elements
  • A second application of Si3D BC can be made to increase performance
  • After an hour, Si3D or Si3D HD may be applied to provide additional gloss and add hydrophobicity
  • 30ml is suitable for saloon cars & hatchbacks. For estate cars & SUVs, select 50ml.

Sizes: 30ml & 50ml (Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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