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Nanolex Si3D Cerabide HD Bundle

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Nanolex Si3D Cerabide HD Bundle
Nanolex Si3D Cerabide HD Bundle
Nanolex Si3D Cerabide HD Bundle
Nanolex Si3D Cerabide HD Bundle
Nanolex Si3D Cerabide HD Bundle
Nanolex Si3D Cerabide HD Bundle
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The Pinnacle of Coating Evolution

Embrace unparalleled excellence with Nanolex Si3D Cerabide HD, the synthesis of our iconic Si3D HD and Si3D Cerabide coatings. Developed through pioneering research, this blend presents a formidable ceramic coating, integrating the benefits of both predecessors and offering unmatched protection with transformative restorative capabilities.

Advanced Molecular Fusion Nanolex Si3D Cerabide HD boasts a unique composition, incorporating both PHPS and Organopolysilazane, coupled with solid nano-sized SiO2 particles. This innovative fusion not only provides supreme protective qualities but also possesses the remarkable ability to fill up existing scratches in the car's paint, truly making it the epitome of protective and restorative coatings.

  • Dual Protection: Harnessing the strengths of Si3D HD and Si3D Cerabide, it offers an unparalleled shield against environmental adversities and contaminants.
  • Restorative Action: The incorporation of nano-sized SiO2 particles allows for filling and smoothing out existing scratches, renewing the paint's surface.
  • Superior Hydrophobicity: Offers advanced water-repelling properties, ensuring effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Performance & Efficiency: Nanolex Si3D Cerabide HD stands as a testament to innovative efficiency, ensuring a flawless application and maximum bonding. The seamless fusion of its key components ensures longevity and uncompromising protection, setting it apart from conventional coatings.

Maintenance & Safety: Preserving the pristine appearance of your vehicle is simplified, thanks to the self-healing and hydrophobic properties of the coating. Adherence to the precise application guidelines is imperative to achieve peak performance and safe usage.

Unrivalled Excellence: With Nanolex Si3D Cerabide HD, witness a transformative shift in car care. Bask in the assurance that your vehicle not only remains protected from external threats but also exhibits a rejuvenated, flawless finish.


  • Unrivalled Protection for Paint & Wheels
  • Removes light scratches
  • Superior Hydrophobicity
  • Unparalleled Longevity
  • Use within temperature: 5 - 25°C (41 - 77°F)
  • Use within Humidity: 30-90%

Safety Precautions: Ensure you are adequately protected by wearing appropriate safety gear before handling or applying any Nanolex Car Care products. Choose a shaded area away from direct sunlight for application.

Sizes: 50ml Kit

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