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Nanolex Si3D Cerabide (30ml)

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Game changing Car Paintwork Protection System Containing Si-Carbide

Nanolex Si3D Cerabide is the world's first ever 3D-Si-Carbide Matrix reinforced product, containing functionalised hybrid organic/inorganic solid particles. This means that Si3D Cerabide delivers an unrivalled hardness to the layer that is installed on paintwork which has never been seen before; so much so that it will happily fill scratches on paintwork and also add a resistance to future scratches at the same time. This added hardness will also ensure that all treated surfaces will deepen in colour and provide a show-stopping finish to any vehicle it is applied to.

Si3D Cerabide offers an ease of application that is also unrivalled and is incredibly forgiving if for example some sealant is missed when buffing away. Nanolex testing in Germany even left some sealant on for a whole hour and it was still easily buffed away as normal!

New car protection has never been easier with this sealant, any light scratching, holograms, marring will simply be filled by Si3D Cerabide giving you a high gloss finish. With easy application and the added benefit of high spot removal hours after application these sealants cuts down the time for anyone coating a new car.

Gone through the full machine polishing detailing process? You will still benefit from the extra hardness found in the Carbide elements found within the Si-Matrix. 105° water contact angle is also one of the lowest on the market, typically finding this degree of angle would only be found on top coats that do not offer the hardness or the strong bond.

Features & Benefits:

  • The first ever ceramic sealant containing si-carbide
  • Takes the depth of car paintwork colour to new levels
  • Will actively fill scratches
  • Unrivalled scratch resistance
  • Suitable for application on all painted surfaces, rims & hard plastic parts
  • Incredibly easy to apply (even when left on the surface for a long period)
  • Requires only a single layer of application to reach maximum potential
  • Up to 75,000KM durability
  • Extreme hydrophobicity with a contact angle of 105°+
  • Developed tested & produced in Germany
  • Virtually VOC free & suitable for shipping worldwide as classed as non-dangerous

Kit contains:

  • 1 X Metal drum package
  • 1 X 30ml Glass bottle of Si3D Cerabide
  • 10 X White micro suede applicator cloths
  • 1 X Applicator block
  • 1 X Nitrile gloves

Directions for use:

  • Ensure the intended vehicle is thoroughly decontaminated, cleaned & dry (also polished if required)
  • Prepare the surface by wiping with a product such as Nanolex EX New - this will remove any traces of remaining polish or silicone residue
  • Ensure you are wearing the Nitrile Gloves provided at all times
  • Apply 8-10 drops of Nanolex Si3D Cerabide on to the applicator cloth (wrapped around block) and apply sparingly by rubbing across the surface without pressure using a cross-hatch motion. Continue until all product is evenly distributed, waiting until the product disappears
  • Allow to sit for 15 minutes, remove the coating residue with a clean, dry and soft microfibre cloth
  • Once the whole car is fully coated, allow to cure in a warm, dry environment away from the elements for a minimum of 12 hours. Ideally 24 hours is best
  • An infra-red lamp can be used to accelerate the hardening process
  • Avoid washing the coating with any chemicals for a further 7 days

Size: 30ml

Customer Reviews

Gregory H
five stars 17 Apr 2023

Like nothing else I've used over the years

I had used this a few months ago on my Cortina and was so impressed I bought some more for my new car and it didn't disappoint. The paint looks stunning and nothing else I've used over the years comes close to this, just need a sunny day to really see it at its best.

Gregory Hall
five stars 23 Nov 2022

Fantastic results

My car was being shown at the NEC classic so I wanted it to look extra special, I've never used a ceramic coating before but took my time and followed the instructions, the results were fantastic and the car received many positive comments.

five stars 10 Oct 2022

Tried and tested epic results

Tried and tested, epic results. It’s a dream to work with.

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